1. Deadlift -@205×5 185×5
2. Military press/pullups – 80×5/6 70×5/6
3. Plank – 1:00
4. Run – bike path 5.0
5. Sun salutation – x2

I love the simplicity of this routine but I forsee some trouble soon – even at this light weight I am feeling “tight” and less effecient in my stride. Of course some of this is from running in the snow the past few days – my hamstring, groin and peraformis are feeling a bit strained (leave my groin out of this). So here’s the revised revision – back to light kettlebell long cycle (yea kettlebells!) with Get-ups following – Tues and Thurs will be long cycle (or jerks) followed by lighter deadlifts still done in the PTTP format (Power to the People – google Pavel if you’re wondering). Pushups, pullups and planks to finish. Some stats for the day – 11:06 pace, 383 calories burned, 55:29:80 and my ave HB was 129BPM with the high oof 137


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