Training – 2/12/10

February 12, 2010
1. Jerk set -@24kgs 5:00 18reps
2. Getups – 5:00 6reps (switching every rep)
3. Hindu pushups – 2×15
4. Run – Maff test (treadmill) 1.0 10:42 130 average HR

ugh – first time doing jerks in a while and first time with the 24’s in even longer – I can’t believe I’ve done 70 reps in 10:00 before – 5min set was rough. It’s a fine line of maintaining strength levels while training for ultra long distances. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing the battle – of course the battle is in my mind – if I’m dedicating myself to running right now – than I only need to be a “strong runner” and not keep my kettlebell sport numbers where they once were when I dedicated 3 years of my life to constant training for it. Still I need to look good for my shirtless, slow motion running scense.

Maff test was slower than last – but it was on a treadmill vs. outside – I’ll test again on the treadmill and see where I stand. I am a little worried that the lifting is setting my base building back a bit.


Training Log – 2/08/10

February 8, 2010
1. Long cycle -@16kgs 10:00 50 reps (5rpm)
2. Getups – @20kg 5:00 (switch every rep) 6reps
3. Super plank – 1:00
4. Run – 3.05 road
lots of ice ans snow on the ground and more coming it sounds like – today was a recobery day from running but since I’m note sure what the future holds as far as getting out there I tool it as an “optional” day and did 3 miles. This weel I’ll also try and pick up the long run milage and start building up the second long run as well. So instead of the schedule 10 I’ll shoot for 15+ and 10 on Sunday. That’s the plan at least!

Great stuff on IF

February 7, 2010


February 4, 2010
1. Deadlift -@205×5 185×5
2. Military press/pullups – 80×5/6 70×5/6
3. Plank – 1:00
4. Run – bike path 5.0
5. Sun salutation – x2

I love the simplicity of this routine but I forsee some trouble soon – even at this light weight I am feeling “tight” and less effecient in my stride. Of course some of this is from running in the snow the past few days – my hamstring, groin and peraformis are feeling a bit strained (leave my groin out of this). So here’s the revised revision – back to light kettlebell long cycle (yea kettlebells!) with Get-ups following – Tues and Thurs will be long cycle (or jerks) followed by lighter deadlifts still done in the PTTP format (Power to the People – google Pavel if you’re wondering). Pushups, pullups and planks to finish. Some stats for the day – 11:06 pace, 383 calories burned, 55:29:80 and my ave HB was 129BPM with the high oof 137

North Face Endurance Challenge!

February 2, 2010

North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile run – I’m in. June 5th and training ramps up (by way of going down slightly) today. Shooting for a 30 mile week and I’ll peak (hopefully) at 75 to 80. Todays stats –

2.75 miles, 32:13:61, 11:44 pace and HR averaged at 120bpm. with 221 calories burned. Today was a bonus run – supposed to be rest but as long as I feel strong I’ll throw in some extra!


January 30, 2010

MAF test yesterday – 1.00 mile in 10:01 Average heart rate 134. I’ll test again in another two weeks I think. Pure strength protcol for as long as I can take it without the kettlebells! Although I am enjoying the deadlifts and presses. Hopefully this will speed the base building process as it’s less stressful and the heart rate doesn’t go as high or at least not for that long.

Today –

1. Run – trail 8.0
2. Trap bar Deadlift -@185lbs 2×5
3. Military press/pullups(2×6) -@85lbsx5 75×5
4. Sun salutation – x2

Haven’t really deadlifted much with the trap bar before and haven’t deadlifted at all for 2-3 years so I’m taking it nice, light and easy. Training for running – it’s always been the opposite for me for years – using ruunning as a training tool for another pursuit. Don’t need to lift too heavy for running – and as soon as I’m satisfied that I have a decent base I’ll begin long cycle again – although I’m thinking every 10-12 workouts taking an easy week and using long cycle with the 16’s as recovery.
Was going to go for a long run – and may still do so tomorrow but I had a hard time getting my head into the game today. I relized that I have 5 months to build up my milage on a already solid base and if I push to hard now there’ll be nothing left when I need to push later.

January 28, 2010
1. Long cycle -@20kgs 5:00 22 reps
2. Pullups/pushups -3×5/20 (pullups+18lbs)
3. Plank -1:00
4. Run – bike path7.76
5. Sun salutation -x2

Qi gong later

Thinking of a radical change coming up – I have been training for and in kettlebell sport (GS ) for several years now and without doubt ut has proven to one of the mosy effective, enjoyable and at times down right brutal training plans I have followed – it can really be taken to almost any level of training and provide excellent results for over all fitness – I credit this training for me being able to run a 50k with only 4 months of serious running be. However with the Maffetone style training I am trying to keep my heart rate under a certain level and it is difficult to do so with kettlebells (at least for how I train with them). Even lighter weights raise the heart rate fairly high and pretty quickly. So I’m considering an abbreviated strength training cycle for a few months – Pavel’s Power to the People program may work best – deadlifts and military press – finish with a set of pullups, an ab exercise and I’m out the door to run. I don’t wish to get to carried away with the deadlifts though as they are intensive even at a lighter weight – so I’ll concentrate the heaviest (as in weight) on the military press and keep my deadlifts light to moderate in weight.  That’s the plan (maybe) unless I come across an alternative using kettlebells.

Thanks for reading!
Oh…stats for today –
7.76 miles
11:15 pace
129 ave HR
141 high
633 calories

MAP Test

January 27, 2010

Friday I think I’ll do the MAP test – which is running a mile (or other distance) at the Maximum Effecient Pace – this way the test can be performed every 3 weeks or so and progress can be measured. The should be a noticable increase in the speed in which this distance is covered while the HR remains the same. When progress is no longer being made – it is time to add in some limited speed work to the mix and in my case it will mark when iit’s time to add in the heavier kettlebells again.

Thanks for reading!


January 27, 2010


1.     Long cycle -@20kgs 6:00 24reps (4rpm)
2.     Pullups/alternating med ball pushups – 2×10/10 (med grip)
3.     Windmills –@16kgs 2×3
4.     Plank -1:00
5.     Eight pieces of Brocade
6.     Run – trail 5.24

yoga and foam roller later

Some Vitals –

5.24 miles


12:35 pace

ave HR 128

High 151

336 calories


Same course as yesterday – faster. Heart rate still below my MEP.


January 26, 2010
1. Long cycle -@20kgs 5:00 20reps (4rpm)
2. Pushups – 2×30
3. Get ups -@16kg 5:00 (switch every 1:00)
4. Close grip chins -2×10
5. Run – trail 5.18

Sun salutation later

Some stats for the day –
5.18 miles
13:04 pace
129 average HR
136 highest HR
307 calories
125-135 seems like the most doable range for my hear rate without feeling like I’m working harder than I want to to keep it there. I’ll leave my range the same so if I hit 140 on the hills I won’t feel like I cheated the low heart training – but I’ll try to keep it within the above mentioned range or lower (110-125) for revery rand “sight seeing” runs!